Lash Sets

Wake up with the lashes of your dreams
Classic Sets (One fake lash is applied to one natural lash)

100 Lashes: $75
Best for beginners who wish to try lash extensions. Warning! They’re addictive because you will love them so much!

150 Lashes: $85
Suitable for people who wear little to no makeup, but seeking bigger and more attractive eyes.

200 Lashes $95
Most popular. Suitable for people who wear makeup on daily basis. This style creates an illusion of having eyeliner.

250 Lashes $115
Dramatic Look. Suitable for people who love the look of false lashes.

Volume Sets (two or more lashes are applied to one natural lash)

400+ Lashes $175+
Suitable for customers who look for extra comfort. The volume set creates a fluffy look and feels lighter on your eyes, great for people who have gaps between their natural lashes or weaker natural lashes.

* Lash counts are the total number of lashes applied on BOTH eyes.
* All prices do not include GST and Tips.
* All sales are final. No refund or exchange.
* All prices are subject to change without notice.

Lash Types

We use high-quality lashes that are imported from Jovisa Taiwan:

1. Mink lashes (most natural and similar to our own lash).

2. Black diamond lashes (have a shining black coat which makes them appear darkest)

3. Universe lashes (have a matted coat which makes them appear closer to our natural hair but thicker and curlier).

4. Lashes use for volume set are finer and softer than mink lashes.

5. Colour lashes that comes in several of colour such as green, blue, purple, red, yellow, pink, rouge, chocolate brown.

6. All these lashes come in different lengths and curliness.